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Ignite your transformation & uncover the vibrant you within.

Weight Loss RVA empowers individuals to embrace the transformative power of change, helping them shed not just pounds but also self-doubt, and unlock their true potential.

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No Counting Calories

Reset your metabolism causing lasting change without calorie counting.

No Exercise Required

Exercise is not required or recommended in the early stages of our program.

No Boring Food

Life is busy, so our program allows you to eat foods you already enjoy!
Total Pounds We've Helped Our Clients to Lose
How it works

Enjoy Delicious Food

Get excited about watching your body transform every week. Food plans consist of all real healthy & filling food found in the grocery store, such as lean animal proteins, fresh veggies, and fresh fruit.
How it works

Reduce Inflammation

We take a holistic approach to helping our clients lose weight by addressing the root cause – inflammation. Inflammation causes weight loss resistance and disrupts your body’s natural balance. 

How it works

Balance Hormones

By reducing toxicity and inflammation, our program helps your body return to state of equilibrium. As your hormones become balanced,  your metabolism also restores itself and increases to support your weight loss journey.

How it works

Proprietary Supplements

While utilizing different patented nutraceuticals, we impact metabolic pathways, keeping weight loss easy while losing inches of fat. To summarize, our program will reset your metabolism causing lasting change without calorie counting or starvation diets.
How it works

Dedicated Coaching

From the moment you commit to becoming a new you, we will provide you with dedicated support and coaching. Your weight loss team will be working with you, side by side, to solve any challenges you may have. You will soon realize that there is nothing that cannot be done!

Real People. Real Success Stories.

Kate F. lost 36 lbs in 60 days!

I feel AMAZING!! I am so much happier and relaxed. My doctor is amazed and my labs and test results are fantastic. Most importantly, I am not afraid to look in the mirror anymore. Weight Loss RVA is an amazing “retrain your brain” program that works better than any other weight loss program I have tried (and I have tried a LOT). The skills I have gotten through Weight Loss RVA have taught me how to live with food and not be defined by it!

This is the best I've felt in years!! I have tried several diets in the past, but my thyroid issues and my physical pain have kept me from losing the weight. On the Weight Loss RVA weight loss program I have lost over 35lbs. I'm so happy with the results!!

Jeff K. down 29lbs!

When I needed to drop some pounds, I wanted a proven program that was doctor supervised. When I started with Weight Loss RVA I was amazed that I was eating real food and not counting points or calories. And, even if I fell off the wagon here or there I was able to get back on pretty quickly and still lose. I’ve lost inches off my waistline and 29 pounds on Weight Loss RVA, and have kept it off for more than a year!

WRVA logo DJ Jeff Katz

Need more proof our program works?

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on starting weight, adherence to the program, health conditions and other factors. Information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Images shown are from actual patients who have participated in and completed this program. Visit to learn more

June & Jerry E. Lost a combined 80 pounds!

“Together we lost 80 pounds on the Weight Loss RVA program and feel incredible! Losing weight has transformed our health, and we are thrilled to be able to move better and enjoy traveling so much more. We have more energy and confidence, and wholeheartedly recommend Weight Loss RVA to anyone looking to achieve their weight loss goals. This program is more than just a solution; it’s a life-changer!”


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What makes the Weight Loss RVA Weight Loss program different is that we address the metabolism by resetting it and not speeding it up as do most other programs. Our main focus is to create a healthy environment in the body for your cells to thrive, thereby “hearing” the hormones your body naturally creates. 

We offer both in-person and virtual free consultations depending upon your unique needs and location.

We are not able to provide costs without knowing more about you, your health, and your weight loss goals. That is why we offer a FREE, no-obligation consultation to learn more about you and what plan would best suit you.
No, you don’t need to exercise regularly to lose weight on our program.